I’m Alan Quinn. I’m a mechanical engineer, designer, programmer and inventor with over 25 years experience developing products from computer mice to robot cells.  This site is a record of project I have worked on over the years. I also have a business for products I have developed in a personal capacity from hardware though to software over at Zoytek.

I have worked with many clients, from individuals through to FTSE100 companies. Quite a few projects can’t be shared because of NDAs, this site only shows those that are in the public domain.

In 2015 I spent a year teaching myself programming and developed some web and mobile applications under the Zoytek brand. My apps are on Apple Apps (iOS), and on Google Play.  These apps have not been updated for a while, though they still work just fine in most cases. These days I’m learning Python and JavaScript.

I’m also currently working on several exciting new projects that will hopefully come to fruition in 2021 so watch this space!

Email: alan@zoytek3d.co.uk

Patent for a tool for automated robot packing of sandwiches
Granted patent for a tool for automated robot packing of sandwiches