Zoytek CNC Mill

CNC Mill

I’ve been developing a CNC mill on and off for the past year. The mill runs the open source GRBL firmware on an Arduino with a CNC shield. It will mill plastics, foam and wood.


  • 400x150x70mm milling space envelope
  • Arduino and GRBL Shield controller
  • 24V 2A PSU
  • NEMA 17 Steppers on all axes
  • T7 x 2mm leadscrew with antibacklash nuts on all axes
  • Rigid supported rails with 4x SBR12UU bearings on X axis
  • LM8UU bearings on Y and Z axis
  • 500W spindle with 6mm collet chuck

For software, I’m using Inkscape, Makercam and GCode Sender. I’m looking at Fusion 360 for more complex 3d toolpath generation.

Arduino with CNC GRBL Shield for 3 Axis Stepper control