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Minimillr 6045PRO Desktop CNC Router


Over at Zoytek we have developed a larger desktop CNC router! The work volume is a useful 600x450x75mm (X*Y*Z) which gives a lot of room for making wooden signes, guitar bodies, and general V-carving, as well as engraving, milling and routing. 

It can cut in full 3D so if you have an STL file, I recommend using the excellent Kiri:Moto CAM software to generate tool paths.

It will cut hard and soft wood and plastics no problem. It can also machine soft metals like brass, copper and aluminium. It can also cut aluminium skinned ‘Dibond’ signboard making it great for sign making.

The 6045PRO used high precision linear rails that give excellent precision. It uses leadscrews on all axes rather than belts, so belt tension is never an issue. The X axis has dual stepper motors giving plenty of torque for most CNC routing applications.

If you are new to CNC then check out Easel from Inventables to get started, and of course all Minimillr machines are compatible since they run open source GRBL firmware.

All Minimillr machines are fully assembled and tested and ready to work – they are not kits unlike some other CNC routers. Minimillr are based in Somerset in the South West of England. At the moment machines are only available in the UK.

If you want to find out more, head over to for details. 



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